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Bak Kut Teh


Made with a selection of authentic premium quality herbs, CRAVINS Herbal Bak Kut Teh delivers a nourishing meal with a rich, subtly sweet and robust herbal flavour. This Hokkien-style Bak Kut Teh is usually served with vegetables, bean curd skin, tofu puffs, mushrooms and pig innards, making it a very wholesome dish!

CRAVINS Herbal Bak Kut Teh also includes 2 packets of premium soya sauce, which is made from high quality soy beans and blended to deliver the sweet and full-bodied flavour to bring the dish to the next level.

Ingredients: Herbs:  Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Polygonati Officinalis, Fructus Lyci, Radix Codonopsitis, Radixet Rhizoma Rehmanniae, Radix Glyoyrrhizae, Radix Astragali, White Pepper, Cortex Ciniamomi, Rhizoma Ligustici, Radix Ginseng, Pericarpium Citri Chachiensis, Star Anise.

Soy Sauce: Soy Sauce, Water, Salt, Flavour Enhancer (E621).



Cooking Method:

1. Bring 1.6 litres of water to boil.

2. Add in the 2 filter bags and 2 whole bulbs of garlic (16 cloves). Boil at medium heat for 30 minutes.

3. Add in 1 kg of pork ribs and 2 packets of soy sauce. Boil at low heat for 60 minutes or until meat is tender.

4. Serve hot.

* It is recommended to blanch the raw pork ribs in boiling water for 1-2 minutes prior to cooking.



1. 将1.6公升水煮滚。加入2袋香料包和2粒蒜头(16瓣),以中火煮30分钟。

2. 加入1公斤排骨和2包酱油,以小火煮60分钟至肉熟嫩。趁热上桌。


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